Award-Winning High Tech Executive, Speaker and Author. Passion for Building and Cultivating High-Performing Teams, Managers, and Companies

Leadership & Performance Management

As creator of the H.E.A.R. framework for leadership, Russ speaks and writes about multiple topics around building and cultivating teams that get results.

Technology & Innovation

Russ’ record of successful innovation with a customer-focused approach has lead to rapid growth and expansion of multiple companies.

About | Russ Reeder

Onward and Upward!

I am a 25-plus-year veteran of the IT field. Throughout my career, I’ve enjoyed being a constant student of change. I love leading leaders and enabling teams for scalable growth. My leadership philosophy is founded on believing in people and sharing my core values as a leader: Honesty, Empathy, Accountability, and Respect. I strive to make sure the teams that I work with understand what success means and enjoy the journey along the way. I encourage everyone I work with to have a life balance, not just a work-life balance. I believe a diverse team can accomplish anything they set out to, and having a positive attitude and extraordinary outcomes are essential.

Russ Reeder



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Areas of Expertise

Russ is available for media interviews, Vlogs, and podcasts as well as speaking engagements at conferences, forums, roundtables, and industry events

Leadership & Technology


Leading Through Times of Change

Work/Life Balance

Diversity and Inclusion

Scaling for Growth

Employing Empathy and Accountability to Drive Results

How “Soft Skills” Lead to Measurable Impact

Protection from The Effects of Ransomware

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Hybrid Cloud/Multicloud Strategies

Performance Management Software

Strategies for Minimizing Threat Vectors and Reducing the Attack Surface

Managed Services and SaaS Technologies


Russ Reeder | HEAR Leadership

HEAR the Truth

Honest and Respectful Leaders Make a Difference

A lot has been said about what personality traits and management styles great leaders need to have to succeed. A lot has also been said about how nice leaders finish last.

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